Can I just turn up to your showroom or do I need to make an appointment?

Whilst we do not work on a “by appointment only” basis, we do recommend calling or emailing in advance before visiting the showroom. On occasion the showroom may need to be closed for a short period of time to attend to any urgent matters that may occur.

Can I take showroom samples home if I bring them back?

We try to be as compliant as possible when it comes to borrowing showroom samples. However sometimes we can’t always allow you to borrow the showroom samples as a range may be in high demand or we do not have duplication samples. Samples can always be ordered directly from the manufacturer’s website. Please speak to a member of staff regarding samples.

I have found a cheaper quote elsewhere. Can you price beat it?

If you have acquired a directly comparable quotation that is cheaper than ours, bring it with you into our showroom and we will see what we can do. However, price beating is something that we can’t guarantee. All retailers have certain manufacturers/wholesalers they favour or give more orders to than others. The more orders retailers place with a manufacturer, the better their buying power is with them. This allows for greater discounts from that manufacturer and therefor a better selling price to the customer. Not every retailer has better buying power from a certain manufacturer than their competitor, so please do not take offense if we can not price beat.

I want to proceed. How much do I have to pay upfront?

Depending on the value of your order and how soon we are installing for you, we generally ask for 50% of the total amount by way of a deposit with the balance on immediate completion of the install. We would however require the invoice to be paid in full if your order is less than £2,500. If you are, for instance; buying a carpet we have in stock and we are installing within a couple of days from order, we would require the amount to be paid in full regardless of invoice total.

How long does it take for my carpet to arrive?

Deliveries from different manufacturers can vary. In some cases; quite drastically. The average lead time on a carpet delivery (from order to delivery into our warehouse) is around 10 days. However, if a manufacturer has a range that is in high demand or is out of stock of a certain carpet then it can take as long as 3 months to arrive. The latter instances are not uncommon so it may be better to have at least one alternative choice if timings are an issue for you.

Do I need to move all of my furniture?

There is no doubt; an unfurnished property is an ideal scenario for any carpet fitter. However, we understand that more often than not your property will be lived in and you are bound to have furniture in place. It comes with the territory. All we ask is; if you can remove and relocate any items from the room that you are able to, our fitters can take care of the rest.

Please note; a charge will be applied to your quotation if furniture is present during installation. The estimator will assess this during their site survey.

How long does my carpet take to install?

This all depends on how much carpet you require and how complex the installation is. To give you some example; one room of around 20 square metres with no furniture would take a team of 2 fitters somewhere in the region of 2 hours to install. An entire property of around 100 square metres, fully furnished and comprising of rooms, stairs and landings can take a team of 4 fitters as long as 2 days. Our staff will always give you an indication of how long the job should take.

Can I leave my home whilst the fitters are installing my carpet?

If you are happy to leave the fitters to undertake your job without you being home, of course you can. As long as the fitters have been left a key or other readily available access to your home (in case they need to go back and forth to their vehicle) they would happily work without you present. Depending on the extent of the carpet requirement for your home, it may be overall easier for everyone if you do vacate your home for the duration.

Why is my new carpet ruffling/rucking in areas? Has it been stretched properly?

This is a fairly common issue and normally occurs during adverse weather conditions such as heatwaves and sub-zero temperatures. The carpet will be fitted to its best advantage on the day of installation. However, once the carpet has acclimatised to its environment over the course of a couple of weeks then it can sometimes expand and look a little loose in the middle. This is very normal and all it requires is a mild re-stretch. Please get in touch with a member of staff and we can remedy this for you. No extra charge will be applied.

Why is my new carpet fluffing so much?

(This is possibly our most common FAQ) When a pure wool carpet is produced, the manufacturer uses a generous amount of wool fibres to produce the best carpet they can. Once the carpet has been installed and has been walked over several times or vacuumed, you lose some of the wool fibres and they can sit on the surface of the carpet or even block up your vacuum cleaner quicker than you imagined. This is commonly known as “initial shed” and is a perfectly natural occurrence in tufted wool carpets and shouldn’t fill you with any concern. More often than not; the better the quality of carpet, the more it initially sheds.

Why is my new carpet bobbling/pilling?

This actually treads on the same territory as the previous FAQ. Whilst it may feel a little concerning to see your new carpet shedding, it’s important to get these loose fibres vacuumed up as regularly as you can. If left alone and not vacuumed up, the loose fibres get walked over several times and they naturally knot themselves and turn into little bobbles on the surface. They can be very unsightly and difficult to remove effectively once they appear, so it’s always best to vacuum your new wool carpet until the initial shed fibres start to subside.

Are my carpets guaranteed?

If there is a genuine fault with your carpet that hasn’t been identified by our warehouse staff or fitting team, most manufacturers will undertake an investigation to ascertain a potential issue with your carpet. If the criteria of your carpet issue meets the conditions the manufacturer deem to be appropriate they will supply a new carpet free of charge. Whilst some (but very few) manufacturers offer so called “Stain & Wear Warranties”, there are so many conditions attached to their guarantees that it voids most cases that may be risen by the customer. Please speak with a member of staff regarding any potential issues you may have.

Can my new carpet be generally cleaned?

Yes, but there is a limit. Any carpet, regardless of composition, can be cleaned to a certain extent. However, some floor-coverings such as sisal, seagrass, jute and viscose need special attention and a good knowledge of the material before undertaking any general cleaning. With an ever-growing market of home carpet cleaners (and the way they are advertised on TV), a disaster is only a click of a button or a squeeze of a trigger away. We strongly recommend contacting us before undertaking carpet cleaning on your own. You may be better contacting a professional carpet cleaner instead to be on the safe side. Please contact us if you would like an approved carpet cleaner contact.

I have spilt something on my carpet. Can it be cleaned without leaving a stain?

Our best advice would be to have a professional carpet cleaner contact as soon as your new carpet has been installed. If you happen to drop or spill something on your carpet and don’t know what to do, you are always best to contact your carpet cleaner as soon as possible. They will ask you what you have spilt/dropped and what type of carpet you have and what the best short-term remedy would be. They may be required to visit your home to undertake a spot-clean. In some cases they should be able to help guide you over the phone without the need to have them visit your home.

Can I replace a carpet I bought from you with the exact same carpet?

If the carpet you had installed is still available, then yes you can. However, all manufacturers will update or discontinue ranges as time progresses so there is no guarantee we can replace your carpet with the exact same one. We can always try our best to match your existing carpet with an alternative though.